Summary: We are looking for a talented and highly motivated postdoc to join our 
multidisciplinary team at UC San Diego.

The Challenge: Develop innovate analysis, data integration, query, and 
visualization tools for 3D biomolecular structures to help accelerate research 
and training in biology, medicine, and related disciplines. In this project, we 
will employ the latest advances in computer science to develop highly 
interactive features and scalable services and workflows for the RCSB PDB 
website (

This position is a unique opportunity to engage in leading edge research, 
development, and outreach activities of the RCSB PDB with worldwide impact.

Qualifications: Ph.D. in one or more of the following research areas

·       Structural Bioinformatics, or related field with a focus on software 

·       Structural Biology with a focus on software development

·       Computer Science with a focus on bioinformatics algorithm development 
or visualization

Demonstrated proficiency in a high-level programming language, such as Java or 
Python and experience with state of the art software development tools. 
Experience with front-end programming languages (JavaScript) and libraries. 
Strong skills in problem solving and algorithm design are required. High 
productivity demonstrated by publications and contributions to open source 
software projects. Experience in the development of modern web applications, 
user interface design, or scientific visualization is a plus. Excellent written 
and oral communication skills.

Note, this position is reviewed annually on the basis of performance and can be 

Our Environment:

The Structural Bioinformatics Group 
(<>) at the San 
Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) (<>) 
is involved in research and development activities centered around 3D 
structures of proteins and nucleic acids, the integration of structural data 
with other domains such as Medicine, Genomics, Biology, Drug Discovery, and the 
development of scalable solution to Big Data problems in Structural 
Bioinformatics. Our group leads the RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB) west-coast 
operations. The RCSB PDB (<>) represents 
the preeminent source of experimentally determined macromolecular structure 
information for research and teaching in biology, biological chemistry, and 
medicine. With over 300,000 unique users from over 160 countries around the 
world, the RCSB PDB is one of the leading worldwide Biological Databases. Our 
group is also involved in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Big Data to 
Knowledge (BD2K) initiative.

As an Organized Research Unit of UC San Diego, SDSC is a world leader in 
data-intensive computing and cyber infrastructure, providing resources, 
services, and expertise to the national research community, including industry 
and academia.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to Dr. Peter Rose 

Peter Rose, Ph.D.
Site Head, RCSB Protein Data Bank West 
Principal Investigator, Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory 
San Diego Supercomputer Center (<>)
University of California, San Diego
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