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> There is one thing tough and that is that the ip addresses of the loopback 
> interface lo1 is not announced to the others within the ospd area in ip6. 

The reason for that is probably that loopback does not have a link-local
address and BIRD skips that interfaces. BTW, the fact that it works in
IPv4 is unexpected, it was supposed that loopback and its addresses
would be completely ignored by OSPF. I thought that (at least in Linux)
it is a common trick to use dummy interface for such purposes (which
looks in many ways like a common interface, unlike the loopback
interface) instead of loobpack but i don't know a good rationale for

> Is there some way to have it announced and that it follows the state of the 
> interface (ie UP and DOWN), just like the ospf for ip4 does allready.

If you add that prefix using 'stubnet' then it is completely unrelated
to any interface and will be announced always.

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