Thank you Tim

It is now working, I am editing the configuration, and check if they all
fine by "bird -p", then after I do "birdc configure" to save the
configuration in bird.conf.

Thanks all for the support.


Janvier R.

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On Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 12:40:44PM +0200, Janvier Rwakagabo wrote:
> Hi all
> Need your help,
> I have installed properly bird,
> Edit bird.conf file with my configuration, then when I restart the 
> service bird it give this error
> #/etc/init.d/bird restart
> stop: Unknown instance:
> start: Job failed to start

Why you use restart? Use a working config, start bird, made your changes and
do an birdc configure  or bird -p

I sounds that your configuration is wrong has syntax error or similar and
prevent bird form restarting.

> I deleted bird.conf and restaured default bird.conf the issue was solved,
by editing again bird.conf and restarting the service, bird.ctl is droped

DO the same again, but don't restart bird, use "birdc configure" or "bird
-p" for test your bird.conf.


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