On 06/08/2017 12:27, Ondrej Zajicek wrote:
The difference is that such bug affect only outgoing connnections, not
incoming connections. In your IBGP case, both routers are affected by the
bug, so no connection is possible. In your EBGP case, incoming
connections are from hardware routers not affected by the bug.

ok, that makes sense.

My mistake. It is commit 33b6c292c3e3a8972d0b9f43d156aae50db65720 [1], which
is newer than the verson 1.6.3, which you are probably using.


that's in version 2 I suppose ? (don't have much knowledge of gitlab sorry). If so I'd rather not use it until it's out of beta. Good to know it's coming though.

I don't think it is deterministic by BIRD code, if you have multiple
interfaces with the same prefix, the selected interface for given IP
depends probably on the order in which BIRD found them.

Not sure I fully understand here, what if I set different IP to eth1.3 and internet vrf interface (while leaving them in the same prefix) ? Since in the bird.conf we specify a source IP address (not a prefix), wouldn't that be enough to guarantee that internet vrf interface is picked and not eth1.3 ?

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