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Hi all!

Please help me with recursion to caclulate bgp_next_hop using IGP.
I have 2 router "A" and "B" connected to each other via iBGP. Each of the
routers has connection to the outside world in different AS and get full
view. "A" has a eBGP session to the neighbor "A2" and "B" has a eBGP session
to the neighbor "B2". I configure "gateway recursive; direct;" on iBGP.
In this case, all the routes from the A2 got to B via A are as unreachable.


Recursive routes are supposed to be resolved through IGP routes, they
cannot be resolved through routes that are also recursive (to avoid
multiple levels of recursion and cycles). You could set 'next hop self'
so bgp_next_hop is directly, or just do not use
'gateway recursive' in this case.


Now I have zebra(quagga) for eBGP and bird for OSPF (IGP). So as I use iBGP between borders and I configure "next hop self" on they. And I was planning to switch IGP to iGBP on all my routers. It's 3 borders + 30 NAS.
From documentation on bird:
next hop self
Avoid calculation of the Next Hop attribute and always advertise our own source address as a next hop. This needs to be used only occasionally to circumvent misconfigurations of other routers. Default: disabled.

I want to throw away the crutch "next hop self". I may be wrong?!

I'm more interested in the principle of seeking this route (next_hop) and why it is not found. I understand the IGP table is the same table connects to protocol. Here I do not understand how this recursion works. Example: I received an announcement net =, BGP.next_hop:
I have a config file explicitly specified "gateway recursive;".
If you search for route, we find: via on vlan8 [twix_ipv4 07.08.2017 17:17:17] * (100) [i]
    Type: BGP unicast univ
    BGP.origin: IGP
    BGP.med: 0
    BGP.local_pref: 500
    BGP.community: (49037,49037)

Why bird don't set gw =! This host from local connected network!

Mikhail V. Majorov

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