Hi All

Has anyone automated prefix filtering, for example if a peer acquire a new
prefix to be received automatically may be any IRR, you can share the
working configuration.

Find on the attachment the manual prefix list filtering I am using,  


Janvier R.
filter bgp_in_ASXXXX
prefix set PL_in_XXXX;


if ! (avoid_martians()) then reject;

if (bgp_path.first != XXXX ) then reject;

PL_in_XXXX = [ a.b.c.d {16,24}, c.d.f.d/24 ];

if net ~ PL_in_XXXX then accept;

else reject;


# Protocol templates

template bgp PEERS{
local as YYYY;
route limit 1000;
export all;
rs client;

protocol bgp Raha from PEERS{
         description "Peer-Raha";
         neighbor 196.223.B.C as XXXX;
         import filter bgp_in_ASXXXX;

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