I know :D
Already used this setup before some times.

But since around a week, I'm not able to use it.
As soon as I use this as a filter/import rule, everything will be 
filtered/nothing imported.

Is there any know bug with a current bird version?

Kind regards,
Tom Funken

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On Mar 7 2018, at 3:27 pm, Ondrej Zajicek <santi...@crfreenet.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 08:40:54PM +0000, Tom Funken wrote:
> >
> > Hey,
> > is there a way to define the gateway when export to the kernel table?
> > I've seen some others using "filter { gw =; accept; }" on the 
> > import. But, when I do it, it will filter all import routes and non of them 
> > will be accepted.
> Hi
> Not sure what is the problem. 'filter { gw =; accept; }' in
> the export filter of the kernel protocol should set the gateway.
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