On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 11:51:26AM -0700, Grant Taylor wrote:
> I think the key that I was missing was the "table deftab;" outside of
> "protocol kernel".
> I also needed to remove the "main" and "default" from the "protocol kernel"
> lines.
> And the apparent table name limitation got me.  "Default" is one letter too
> long."  :-/  (Table name length is probably documented somewhere I've not
> read yet.)

The problem is not that 'default' is too long, but that it is a keyword,
so it cannot be used as a table name.

> > 2) Trying to use BIRD keywords as protocol/table names would lead to
> > hard to understand 'syntax error' errors during configuration
> > processing.
> That makes sense.  I just need to be smart enough to recognize when that
> happens.

To be fair, BIRD behavior when such issue happens is confusing and should
be better.

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