On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 05:49:02PM +0100, Mattia Milani wrote:
> Hello everyone, I'm writing you because i have a problem with the
> implementation of BGP on 4 peer in 4 different AS in line.
> I use bird 2.0.1, and the four peer is virtualized on my pc
> The 4 peer is in this form
> AS2                              AS4
> AS3                              AS1
> H0 ------------------------------- H1 -------------------------------- H2
> ------------------------------ H3
>    eth1                      eth1    eth2                      eth2
> eth1                       eth1
> The same configuration without H3 work perfectly, but with H3, H1 and H2
> can't comunicate, they stay in the connect state, it's like they never bee
> reachable for the connection, but if i ping the 2 interface i get a replay.
> the address of my peer is:
> H0.eth1:
> H1.eth1:
> H1.eth2:
> H2.eth1:
> H2.eth2:
> H3.eth1:


Are these /8 or /24? If they are really /8, then BIRD does not know which
interface to use, as they all have prefix

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