On 10/03/18 01:57, Ondrej Zajicek wrote:
On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 12:28:23AM +0000, Joshua McQuistan wrote:

 From BIRD 2.0.0 I can see that the "listen bgp" command has been replaced
with "strict bind". However this means that BIRD can no longer listen on a
specific port.

This is something I am using with 1.6.3 to operate separate BGP instances.
For example on a server with a main instance I can test on a different port
or on a switch where I don't want to replace the vendor's instance.

Is this something that will return? Or have I missed something painfully

We updated 'local' option so it can contain port, like 'remote' option.
But forgot to add it to documentation. It should be:

local [<ip>] [port <number>] [as <number>]

Different BGP instances now could use separate ports even in one BIRD process.

Hello Ondrej,

Brilliant! It works perfectly, thank you.


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