The bgp_path.last_nonaggregated attribute should help you. Don't have user 
manual right now here, writing from my phone, just trying to recall it from my 


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From: Radu Anghel <>
Sent: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 6:34 PM
Subject: RPKI / roa_check() question - BIRD 2.0.2


I have found this while doing RPKI validation:

net =
bgp_path = 48112 6830 174 13110 {30884 65004 65005}
BGP.aggregator: AS13110 (don't know how to read this from a var)

roa_check(rpki4, net, bgp_path.last) returns ROA_INVALID because BIRD
thinks bgp_path.last = 0

There is a valid ROA for and AS13110, so I guess the
validation should be done on the aggregator AS.

Could you tell me what is the corect way to handle this?


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