Looks like setting of krt_metric in bird 2.0.2 does not work like in bird 1.6.

Construction like:

protocol static static4 {
  route via {
    krt_metric = 10000;

is accepted, I see the route exported to the kernel, but with default bird metric 32.

Yes, I know that bird can find the best route and install only that one, but I prefer to keep several static routes installed with different metrics, when bird is used
only to keep them alive.

Another issue, when setting via scope using "%" notation, like:

  route via % ifname onlink on;

if "ifname" contains characters like "-" or ".", it will be rejected (syntax error), while such names are perfectly legal (at least in linux). May be it makes sense to allow quoted (TEXT instead of SYM) interface name for such cases (I tried to extend grammar and it works perfectly - fix is trivial so there is no patch attached).

Small annoyance, though not an issue - "route" only accepts CIDR notation, though it would be nice to omit "/32" for single IPs, as it looks more "natural".

Finally - looks like bird 2 docs is a bit incorrect - static route options must be followed by ';' as a terminator (according to grammar), while documentation
lists them without, which produces "syntax error" without any details.

BTW, "onlink" is not documented at all, though I was really happy to find it :)

PS: As this is my first experience with bird v2 - many thanks - it is much better :)

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