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> Hi Ondrej,
> > Not really sure how that might happen with direct session. What is your
> > BIRD version and configs? What routes do you have in routing table?
> I'm using a self-compiled bird 2.0.6. RR and R1 have full-views (plus
> some internals), so I'm not sure what to answer to "what routes". The
> complete configs are a bit complicated (lots of templates and dozens of
> other BGP protocols), but the essentials (only the relevant IPv6
> protocols and filters) are pretty standard I'd say:


Important info was 'gateway recursive' option on direct BGP sessions,
so all three BGP sessions generate recursive routes.

> so I'm not sure what to answer to "what routes"

For that i meant non-BGP routes that are used to resolve BGP next hops.

Mainly 'show route for 2001:db8:2::2 all' to get route for 2001:db8:2::2
next hop from your first example.

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