Hello guys!

Just because today we encountered again the same issue with direct, I am
very curious on this:

I totally agree with what you guys explained about the need of the
direct protocol. Once we set it then reachability works and all is ok.

Our big question is why was it working before the moment it lost the BGP
session?? In other words: the set up :

RS - BGP session with the ROUTER - and behind the Router we have Caches.

Before the router was announcing to the RS(BIRD v2.0.7) the caches and
that they are reachable by the router. Without any direct.

Until one day we lose the bgp session, and we can ping the caches from
the RS but not reachable . Once we set it as direct on the bird then all
is fine.

Question is why was it working before without direct ?? :=)

Many thanks for your time!

Have a great day all!


On 23/03/2020 17:07, Fabiano D'Agostino wrote:
> Hi Bernd,
> no, the routing "from the kernel" doesn't come via 'learn yes', but
> via RIB, I mean if I do 'route' it shows the directly connected
> networks. The problem is that if I use the Direct protocol, the
> command 'route' shows me two same directly connected networks, one
> coming from RIB and the other one coming from Bird. 
> I tried protocol bgp { direct; }, but it doesn't change.
> Thanks,
> Fabiano
> Il giorno lun 23 mar 2020 alle ore 16:15 Bernd Naumann
> <b...@spreadshirt.net <mailto:b...@spreadshirt.net>> ha scritto:
>     On 23.03.20 16:01, Fabiano D'Agostino wrote:
>     > Hi Benedikt,
>     > I am just learning Bird and I didn't want to use the Direct protocol
>     > because using it I have two same routes in the RIB for the directly
>     > connected networks, one coming from the kernel and the second
>     one coming
>     > from the direct protocol.
>     Is the routing "from the kernel" coming via `learn yes;`? If you
>     have no
>     need to import "alien" routes, you can disable `learn` and just use
>     `direct` and `static` protocol. /* OR if you know that your
>     neighbor is
>     directly connected to you can also set 'direct' on the `protocol
>     bgp`. */
>     Bernd

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