Today we were at one of our favourite local birding spots, Reesor Pond, on 
Reesor Road south of Highway 7. To our amazement, there were about 20 people 
fishing there, some even in waders, and actually in the pond. This is a first 
for us, we have never seen this before. It is infuriating, as this is a 
stop-off for all sorts of migratory ducks, swans, shorebirds, grebes, terns, 
geese and more. There was not a single one of them in sight today. We are sure 
that the many fellow birders we see during the year at Reesor Pond will be most 
disturbed by this as well. It will not take long for the pond to be depleted of 
fish, and for fishing line and tackle etc. to be afloat, thus endangering all 
the visitors. Does anyone have any idea if fishing is permitted in a stormwater 
pond like this, or have any suggestions on who to contact to report this? Town 
of Markham? Ministry of Natural Resources?

Thank you,
Miranda O’Hara
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