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If you ever wanted to see what a perfect Raptorwatching day can be, you should 
have been out at the Hill today. Northwest winds, rising barometric pressure, 
and at least 50% cloud cover for a backdrop. There was a lot of watchers today 
and I will name them all so you can wish you had been there. Maybe in a few 
days we will have another good one. As I thought about the leftover turkey 
sandwich in my knapsack, the first of the leftover Turkey Vultures starts 
coming through. I know some folks will say they're not real raptors because 
they don't kill their own tucker, but please don't let them take those big guys 
away; they're so much fun and a perfect intro for beginning Raptorwatchers.

Today we had a total of 142 Turkey vultures.

Also 34 Sharpies, 3 Coopers (besides the 3 resident coopers, that is, being 
Supercooper, Dupercooper (they look like twins) and Mini Cooper their Mom.) 7 
Red Shoulders, 10 Redtails (besides the resident Redtail Rotters - Robbie, Rita 
and their 2 kids Rosie and Ralph. Their antics the past week have actually 
brought people out to see them) and 4 Unidentified Raptors that were so high up 
they even made A. Keaveny humble. In addition, there was a lot of Juncos, a 
couple of Monarch Butterflies, a few Meloe Angusticollis (one of natures' 
wonders but kind of gross) and a probable Trumpeter Swan flying over.

Not much, but oboy was it ever fun! Wait for the next Northwest wind and then 
call in sick or send Grandma out to Chudleighs with the kids and come to Hawk 
Hill, right next to the Grenadier Restaurant , which, I heard today has 
excellent Spanakopitta. High Park is late this year with the leaves turning but 
it must happen soon before its too late and everyone's gotten married already.

Thanks to all my friends, fair weather and foul - Joe V., Monica c., Don B., 
Ken M., Andrew K. and Kira, Hugh M, and Hugh C., Tim F., Marc l. and Murry the 
lunchbox raider,, Naish M., Elliott Whitby, Ian Fleming  (no, there won't be 
any more 007 novels,) and all the wonderful kids from R.H. MacGregor P.S., East 
York. They are our pride and joy, and Nature's hope for the future.

Happy Hawking,

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