Obviously part of the mega-flight of White-fronts in the extreme south-west, I 
had 18 this morning at Pittock Lake, about 1 km east of the Roth Park entrance 
- 8 adults with the rest YOY. Also present was a decent waterbird collection - 
6 Cacklers, one ad.white morph Snow Goose, 7 basic Horned Grebe, 4 Redhead, 30 
Ruddies and 40 Common Merganser.

I half-expected to find my inbox jammed with White-front reports, given how 
widespread the incursion seems to be. The 18 found this morning could be just a 
fraction of birds present locally, as 90% of the Pittock goose flocks were 
still out feeding in adjacent fields. I'll check back later to check numbers as 
birds start returning to the reservoir.

James Holdsworth, Biological Consulting Services
226-228-1428, jmholdswo...@rogers.com

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