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This afternoon between 4:15 and 4:40 pm I counted 1,375 American Robins flying 
west into the brisk westerly wind along the north shore of Wildwood Lake just 
east of Highway 7.  Unbelievable!
Equally interesting was a distinctly (but only slightly) darker-mantled Herring 
Gull-sized gull about 400-500m out on the reservoir (with close to 2,000 
Ring-bills and Herrings).  The gull was too large to be a HERGXLBBG and too 
small and not dark-mantled enough to be a HERGXGBBG or Slaty-backed Gull.  It 
was also too distant for anything but grainy photos with my camera, but the 
light was good and I was able to observe it at length and make verbal notes 
into my iPhone.  My notes, thoughts and grainy photos can be found in eBird 

I welcome thoughts from others -- please e-mail me privately at 
jjal...@yahoo.com.  I'll be back tomorrow afternoon for the daily 
late-afternoon gull congregation here.  Hopefully the bird will be back and 
I'll be able to get some closer photos (these would have been possible from the 
Wildwood Lake Sailing Club -- not sure about public access).
Also, almost 500 Common Mergansers on the reservoir (annual late fall 
gathering), various other waterfowl, and an adult Bald Eagle sending everything 
into a frenzy.
Happy birding!
Wildwood Lake Conservation Area is at Highway 7 (a.k.a. Perth Road 119) at 
Perth Road 9 (SW of Stratford, E of St. Mary's).

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