Hey Folks,

As expected the variety of shorebirds has picked up and the following species 
were observed by myself and others with a small group from Waterloo with David 

    - 2 Short-billed Dowitcher
    - 4 Black Bellied Plover
    - 4 Wilson’s Snipe
    - 70+ Killdeer
    - 120+ Lesser Yellowlegs
    - 2 Greater Yellowlegs
    - 4 Semipalmated Sandpiper
    - 15 Least Sandpiper
    - 6 Pectoral Sandpiper
    - 3 Solitary Sandpiper
    - 5 Spotted Sandpiper
    - 6 or 7 possible White-rumped Sandpiper photographed in flight – not sure 
if they landed but worth looking for

Curiously absent so far are the Semipalmated Plovers .... we’ve seen just one 
so far this season.

Other birds noted today:
    - 1 American Bittern (SE corner of the shorebird cell)
    - 3 Green Heron
    - 2 Great Blue Heron
    - 2 Sora
    - 4 Wood Duck
    - 4 Green-winged Teal
    - Mallard (lots)
    - Canada Goose (lots)
    - 3 Redtails (2 adults flying along with a single youngster who was 
screaming quite a bit)
    - 1 Merlin (perhaps from our family group in town here)
    - 1 Osprey (sitting in large tree on south side of the shorebird cell)
    - 1 Bald Eagle (likely one of the adults from the nest to the south of the 
    - 1 Baltimore Oriole

Good luck and good birding to those who venture out.  


Directions to West Perth Wetlands:

>From the East (Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, GTA) - take Hwy 8 thru

Stratford heading west to first lights in Mitchell (Wellington St) and
turn left (south) and continue till you hit the "T" intersection at the

ball diamond.  Lagoon cells are straight back behind the ball diamond

and soccer fields and the sewage treatment plant.  You can go straight ahead

on the gravel and park next to the berm.

>From the London area....take Hwy 23 into Mitchell from the south and

just after you pass the "Welcome to Mitchell" sign...watch for Frank

St...go right on Frank St and head down over the bridge till you get to

the ball diamond (will be on your right).  Again...the cells are behind

the ball diamond and soccer fields. You can go straight ahead

on the gravel and park next to the berm.

>From Southampton area....take Hwy 21, to Goderich and then Hwy 8 to

Clinton and down to Mitchell, turn south on Hwy 23 to Frank St. and turn

left on Frank St. and head over the bridge to the ball diamonds (which

will be on your right). You can go straight ahead on the gravel and park

next to the berm. 
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