Sorry for the late posting...

On the 9th I spent a couple hours at the West Perth Wetlands (Mitchell Sewage 
Lagoons) in Perth county.

I was pleased with the number of shorebirds observed, ending with a total of 10 

  1.  Killdeer (~55)
  2.  Stilt Sandpiper (1)
  3.  Least Sandpiper (23)
  5.  Pectoral Sandpiper (5)
  6.  Semipalmated Sandpiper (14)
  7.  Spotted Sandpiper (3)
  8.  Solitary Sandpiper (5)
  9.  Greater Yellowlegs (5)
  10. Lesser Yellowlegs (~88)

The most productive cells were the shorebird cell and the cell that is fenced 
in. The water is much higher than last year, and the back cell had NO 
shorebirds (quite a difference from last year, where hundreds could be found.)

The two White-rumped Sandpipers were the best shorebirds observed. They were 
seen on the shore of the fenced in cell with some Leasts and Semi-sands. They 
were noticeably larger and their wings projected past their tails. A scope 
would be very helpful in finding them among the other peeps.

Good luck to all those wanting to see this shorebird spectacle.

Good (shore)birding,
Quinten Wiegersma
London, Ont

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