Hi all,

This afternoon if found a hybrid Hooded Merganser x goldeneye in the town of 
Frankford, which is on the Trent River about 10 km north of Trenton and the 401 
in Hastings County.

The bird was with 55 Common Goldeneyes swimming about 500m north of the main 
bridge in the centre of town (roughly behind the Anglican church).  It can be 
viewed from the end of Victoria Street, just north of the bridge.

I didn’t have my scope or camera, but overall it looks mostly like a male 
Hooded Merg but there is no white in the crest, which is also not as fluffy as 
a Hooded crest.  Its size and general shape is more like a goldeneye.  Not 
certain but there might be some white flecking in the cheek where a goldeneye 
would have a spot. Will go back tomorrow for a better look and try to get some 
pictures - a really beautiful bird.  If you go to look for it, there is often 
(but not today) a pair of adult Bald Eagles in this area as well.



Doug McRae
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Brighton, Ontario
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