Hi Everyone 

This morning with checking over the Canada Geese that were resting on the ice covered Carp River Flood plain I observed two adult Ross's Geese, 2 adult Greater White-fronted Geese and up to 7 Cackling Geese among the 800+ Canada Geese. The geese were very nervous and flushed a couple of times. The Ross's Geese haven't been seen recently but 3 GWFG and 11 Cackling Geese were observed.  

With the recent mild conditions there has been an early movement of geese into eastern and southern Ontario over the past week. A flock of 30+ Greater Snow Geese were observed along the Ottawa River yesterday near Britannia.  Keep checking flocks of Canada's, anything is possible. 

Good birding,

Bruce Di Labio 


Directions: Carp is located just west of Kanata. Best viewing was from the end of Rivington Street off Carp Road near the bridge.  

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