Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) is looking for volunteer surveyors for the 
2018 Adopt-A-Site program. We are looking for help in a number of historic 
shrike ‘hot-spots’ across Ontario (Carden, Napanee, Grey-Bruce, Manitoulin, 
Pembroke/Renfrew and Smiths Falls).  

Volunteers are asked to survey their designated sites three times over the 
spring and summer (April 15th to June 30th) for evidence of breeding birds. 
Though Carden and Napanee remain the breeding strongholds in Ontario, last year 
saw Loggerhead Shrikes reported all across the province, including sightings in 
Grey-Bruce, Manitoulin, and Smiths Falls; a pair of shrikes was also found 
breeding in the Pembroke/Renfrew area for the first time since 2010!  With such 
wide-ranging sightings, the recovery program very much relies on the help of 
birders across Ontario to make sure that we’re finding all of the birds we can, 
and gathering accurate population data.  

The Loggerhead Shrike has suffered serious declines throughout its historic 
breeding range over the last 50 years. The eastern subspecies, found in 
Ontario, has been designated as endangered in Canada since 1991, and was 
designated as endangered in Ontario in 1992.  WPC has been leading the recovery 
effort for this bird since 2003, and every year our field staff to monitor the 
numbers and breeding success of wild birds, and breed birds in captivity to 
bolster the wild population.  

If you would like to help, or would like more information on the Adopt-A-Site 
program, please contact me.

Thanks in advance, from the whole Shrike Recovery Team!

Hazel Wheeler
Lead Biologist - Eastern Loggerhead Shrike Recovery
Wildlife Preservation Canada
@ 10C Shared Space
42 Carden Street
Guelph ON N1H 3A2

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