Sorry for the late post, seen today at 11am

From: Tom Wheatley
Sent: March 10, 2018 12:31:32 PM
To: Ontbirds ontario
Subject: Possible Gyrfalcon - Presquile/Gosport

Observed from Stoney Point Rd, which is on the east side of Presqu'ile Bay, but 
probably best searched  for from Gosport at /near the Harbourview Marina Cafe 
on Lambton St @ Baldwin St.

I observed a very large, grey falcon (Snowy owl size) sitting on the ice edge 
from 11-11:10 with a scope. It may have been feeding on a kill.  Larger than 
nearby ducks.  It flew low over the water north, (dark grey back, lighter grey 
underneath , with whitish breast and throat,  body and wing shape correct for 
Falcon)  then slowly rose above Gosport ...up, up and away , as Peregrines do 
when gaining altitude.

Peregrine cannot be ruled out.

Tom Wheatley

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