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April 12, 2018

There were no real highlights this week.

April is off to its worst start in decades.  This is now the 12th day in a
row with temperatures below to a lot below seasonal, which means that there
has been little bird movement at all. It is thus a bit surprising that
there have actually been a few new arrivals for a year, although none have
become widespread.

The flooding in the east has mostly subsided, but the Cobb’s Lake Creek
floodplain is still hosting a SNOW GOOSE flock of 5000+ as of the 10th.  1-2
ROSS’S GEESE are sometimes seen in this flock, and this species has also
been seen in Carp as late as the 9th.  3 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were
at the Moodie Drive ponds on the 11th.  2 TUNDRA SWANS were last seen on
Milton Road on the 7th, and up to 4 TRUMPETER SWANS were seen again on the
Rideau River near Kemptville as late as the 8th.

In terms of other WATERBIRDS, the volume is still low, although a few
GREATER SCAUP have been seen on the Ottawa River regularly since the
9th.  Although
there is quite a bit of open water on the Ottawa River, Shirley’s Bay from
the boat launch is still frozen.

Given the appalling weather, it is a bit surprising that there actually
have been a few arrivals for the year:

1.      A COMMON LOON near Kemptville on the 8th.

2.      A WHITE-WINGED SCOTER at Shirley’s Bay on the 11th.

3.      An OSPREY at Shirley’s Bay on the 4th (late report)

4.      A SWAMP SPARROW at Mer Bleue on the 8th.

5.      An AMERICAN BITTERN on Milton Road on the 8th.

6.      A CAROLINA WREN in Kanata on the 8th (very surprisingly only the
first sighting of the year).

7.      A CHIPPING SPARROW in Manotick on the 7th.

In other odds and ends, a GOLDEN EAGLE was at the Cobb’s Lake Creek Flood
plain on the 10th.

Thanks to everyone who contributed bird observations. We encourage everyone
to report their bird sightings on eBird for the benefit of the entire
birding community.

Good birding.
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