Hello birders,

I found an adult Common Ringed Plover today at Radiant Lake in Algonquin
Park. It was subsequently viewed by Sarah Lamond, Dawn Sherman, Basil
Conlin, Lily, Anna and Hayden.

We were able to watch the bird at length for over an hour and obtained
several photographs, including many showing the diagnostic lack of webbing
on the outer toe from several angles. It was a very sharp individual and
was otherwise easy to pick out at a fair distance due to its thick
breastband and bright legs. See here for photos:

An incredible record which, if accepted, will be the second for Ontario (I
believe) and the first for Algonquin Park.


Reaching Radiant Lake is an adventure. It is not for the faint of heart and
often takes over a day for a round trip.

DO NOT USE GPS or Google Maps to attempt to reach Radiant Lake. It will
take you on restricted access roads and you will encounter a gate (and
immense disappointment). The ONLY way to reach Radiant Lake is by canoe or
kayak from Cedar Lake, accessible from the Brent Campground. There are
campsites at Brent (large campground with amenities) and at Radiant
(interior campsites).

Take Highway 400 north, then Highway 11 to North Bay. Then take Highway 17
eastward to the Brent Road (signed). Launch your canoe or kayak at Cedar
Lake, going south, then east along the Petawawa River until the following
lake (Radiant). There is amazing shorebird habitat on the southeast end of
Radiant Lake, where the plover was. Many rarities have been claimed on this
legendary lake, visited by few birders. If you have time, be sure to bird
Odenback, a large opening at the southwest end of Radiant Lake that has
also held several rarities.

Cheers and good birding,

Lev Frid
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