> Le 5 août 2018 à 16:09, Akim Demaille <akim.demai...@gmail.com> a écrit :
> I still have to write the documentation, and some tests with %printer,
> %destructor, and of course with C++ variants.  However, I'd be happy
> to receive early reviews.
> I have been hesitating between 'midrule' and 'mid-rule'; both are used
> in user visible places (be it the documentation, error messages, or
> even command line options).  We should stick to a single spelling.
> Years ago Joel normalized all the 'lookaheads'/'look-aheads' to
> 'lookaheads', so I guess we should use 'midrule'.
> My idea is to release 3.1 soon with these changes.  Which means
> addressing C++11 issues later, but I plan to focus on it right
> afterwards.
> This is currently pushed in the branch ad/typed-midrule.

I have installed these patches.

FTR, with that, the following grammar works as expected.
I still have to write the documentation and turn the following
file into a test case, but I should be done soon.

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