IMHO you should almost never publish a service that asks users for private

A warning isn't enough. Your server might get compromised.

"Move your coins by yourself" isn't even correct if your server is involved.

On Tue, 31 Jul 2018 at 13:26, Aymeric Vitte via bitcoin-dev <> wrote:

> I know this list is not to advertise personal projects but
> might be of some interest, this is the web
> interface for since
> apparently quasi nobody succeeds to use it
> As far as I know (and surprisingly) this is the only online tool that
> converts bech32 addresses (Sipa's one does not output something
> understandable by everybody, the tool is using his code), the only one
> that converts from any address to any address, maybe the only one that
> decodes simply redeem scripts and probably the only one that allows to
> create transactions by its own (the advanced mode is not implemented for
> now but will be soon)
> Ideally it should be an offline tool if there is some incentive to do
> so, so of course it is not advised to use his private keys for now
> Maybe they are mistaken but some users are reporting invalid bech32
> addresses from their Electrum wallet, after segwit, bech32 confusion
> seems to be the topic of the moment
> Regards
> Aymeric
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