> Base58 was chosen not for human readability but to make it easy to
> copy/paste.

It was also chosen for hand-writeability, weirdly enough. That's why it
excludes some confusible characters. But Satoshi didn't really understand
how people would end up using Bitcoin, he originally imagined most
transactions being done directly between pairs of IP addresses.

> Copy/paste of HTML content is currently not possible. You *can* already
> drag&drop the bitcoin: link to the client. Bluematt has a pull request to
> automatically handle bitcoin: URLs when clicked in the browser.

That's cool. I hope Matts change gets merged soon. Then the issue becomes
how do people find out about this capability? Expecting people to learn how
to hand-craft Bitcoin links won't work. But all modern operating systems
support copy/paste and drag/drop of rich content. Qt probably makes it easy
to expose an UI like this:

   *Pay me*    [Copy to clipboard]

Clicking the link in the UI would pop up an alert saying something like

   "You can drag this link to an email, chat window or editing program."

Dragging it/pushing the copy button would just set the drag/clipboard data
as a bit of text/html content. So then you can just copy/paste into an
email or HTML editor. It wouldn't work for forums that use bbCode, though I
guess there's no particular reason the forum software can't turn <a href>
into [url=] automatically.
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