Linux builds of 0.8.0rc1 are in good shape; easily gitian-reproduceable.

Windows builds are varying with every compile, and I think I finally
figured out why: we are not passing the -frandom-seed flag down into
the leveldb build (I used objdump to dump two different binaries, and
they differed only in the names of some leveldb objects). That should
be an easy makefile fix.

The OSX build is in pretty good shape, but needs to compile.

So: I think the path forward is to announce 0.8.0rc1 with the binaries
we've got, to get more testing.

Then before final release (or rc2, if that is needed) pull #2286 and
create and pull a patch to fix the windows non-determinism problem.

I'm done for today, but should have time to sign the windows setup.exe
and send out a rc1 announcement tomorrow.

Gavin Andresen

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