HTML5 allows web apps to register themselves for handling URI schemes, such
as the bitcoin: URI that is already in use and being extended as part of
the payment protocol.

The bad news is that for security reasons there is a whitelist of
acceptable schemes in the spec:

The good news is that yesterday I talked to Hixie about it and he added
bitcoin to the whitelist:

I'm currently finding out what the process is for browser makers to notice
the change (perhaps they watch the spec commit history and nothing needs to
be done), but within a few months most users should have browsers that can
accept bitcoin as a web-app handleable protocol scheme. I suppose IE10
users may be the laggards, but I guess we can live with that for now.

Ian pointed out some errors in the BIP21 spec. What's the process for
amending the BIP? Do we need to create a new one and mark the old one as
replaced, or can we just fix it in place given the relatively exotic nature
of most of the issues? Here's his feedback:

- BNF doesn't say what it's character set is (presumably it's Unicode)

 - "bitcoinparams" production doesn't define the separator, so in theory
the syntax is ...?label=foomessage=fooother=foo (rather than
...?label=foo&message=foo etc)

- the syntax allows ?amount=FOO&amount=1.1 as far as I can tell, since
"otherparam" matches any name followed by any value, including "amount"
followed by a bogus value.

- "pchar" is referenced without definition.

- the "simpler" syntax is just wrong (it would result in
bitcoin:address?amount=1?label=FOO rather
than bitcoin:address?amount=1&label=FOO)

BTW the IETF URL specs are being obsoleted by,
at least for Web purposes. In that case matters.
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