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On 07/05/13 14:16, Adam Back wrote:
> 3. a UX way to transfer BTC off a specific adress (eg choose from 
> address), rather than having to spend the entire wallet onto a new 
> address, just to get BTC off a specific address.  Doing it that way
> has problems: creates more network traffic/bigger packets, higher
> fees (if any transactions are young/low confirmation), and
> generally damages privacy as all your funds end up linked.


> Then I wanted to take the .01 BTC off the private key and the FAQs
> etc seem to suggest that the only way to do it is to spend our
> entire balance (from all keys) onto a new address.  Not exactly
> what I wanted, but I did it anyway and the tx fee goes up from
> .0001 which I set it to to .0005 because the transaction was young,
> to avoid network flooding.  Even though transaction I actually
> wanted to move (on the non self-controlled key had a big heap of
> confirmations and so could've been .0001 tx fee).

"sendfrom" in the RPC interface. Difficult to use (I would like to be
able to use source key, in addition of source "accounts") and easy to
make mistakes. But doable.

Would be nice to have an "advanced" GUI option to chooce source

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