Electrum version 1.9 is now released.

This version connects to multiple servers, and it also checks the SSL 
certificates of servers it knows.
Please note that the BIP32 features are postponed (to version 2.0), due 
to the discussions about mnemonic seed format.

Here is the changelog:

# Release 1.9
* The client connects to multiple servers in order to retrieve block 
headers and find the longest chain
* SSL certificate validation (to prevent MITM)
* Deterministic signatures (RFC 6979)
* Menu to create/restore/open wallets
* Create transactions with multiple outputs from CSV (comma separated 
* New user interface for text mode, named "stdio" (does not use curses)
* Plugins are no longer tied to the qt GUI, they can reach all GUIs
* Proxy bugs have been fixed

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