On Mon, Nov 04, 2013 at 08:14:37PM -0800, Gustaw Wieczorek wrote:
> Mike Hearn wrote:
> > how about if we wrote code to automatically build a miner backbone
> Yeah, let's build a backbone, or a cloud, and then we could have Google run 
> it!
> Come on, Mike, your conflict-of-interest as an employee is hanging out in the 
> open, flapping in the breeze here...  Don't you think it's a bit obvious for 
> somebody in your position to advocate centralization of infrastructure, 
> especially when it comes to bitcoin?
> On the other hand, I guess your blind trust in IP addresses as a solid 
> foundation for security is why you were so shocked when the NSA hacked your 
> "backbone".

Go away.

Mike specifically mentioned the idea of using Tor addresses, which are
authenticated. In addition this mechanism to create a backbone
*automatically* is exactly as decentralized as Bitcoin mining itself is.
It has nothing to do with Google.

I suggested the mechanism myself for slightly different reasons, and if
you know me, you'd know I'm the first to jump on anyone pushing


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