On Wed, Nov 06, 2013 at 10:59:28PM -0600, Kyle Jerviss wrote:
> Each block that you solve has a reward.  In practice, some blocks
> will be orphaned, so the expected reward is slightly less than the
> nominal reward.  Each second that you delay publishing a block, the
> expected reward drops somewhat.

You don't understand how to read papers.

A good author will state his assumptions. For instance my third
paragraph read:

    Now in a purely inflation subsidy environment, where I don't care about
    the other miners success, of course I should publish. However, if my
    goals are to find *more* blocks than the other miners for whatever
    reason, maybe because transaction fees matter or I'm trying to get
    nLockTime'd announce/commit fee sacrifices, it gets more complicated.

Now that you understand the assumptions made, you can attack the paper
in one of two ways:

1) Show it's wrong.

2) Show its assumptions make it irrelevant.

You've done neither.


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