On Thursday, November 14, 2013 10:53:16 PM Alan Reiner wrote:
> I really like the XBT idea.  It makes a lot of sense to match the ISO
> currency symbol (though the ISO guys will have to adjust the way they've
> defined the "XBT").  And I do agree that going right to uBTC and
> skipping mBTC makes sense, too.
> I'd prefer them not be called "micro bitcoins."  I really want to call
> them "microbes" ... but I'm not sure that has the right flavor for money
> transfer :)  "Please give me 872 microbes".  Perhaps we just call them
> "bits."  Or even "micros" or "microbits".  As I write this, I realize
> there's probably 872 threads on the forums about this already...
> But we would want to promote a consistent term, to avoid further
> confusion when people use different names for the new unit.  It's not
> guaranteed to be successful, but if we pick a good name, and build it
> into the interface on the first release pushing the new unit, we have a
> chance to make the transition even easier.

As long as we're using SI units, IMO we should stick to SI. That means "micro-
bitcoins". *Informally/spoken*, an abbreviation like "mibicoins" might make 


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