Someone sent me a very small donation (0.00121 BTC) without
paying fees. I don't know who sent it and I know this type of
transaction are usually rejected by miners. Take a look at it below:

        Even with the a low probability of confirmation, I
was hoping that after a few days it could be included in a block, but simply removed it (I know the sender sent from a wallet, because he added a note):
        As you can see now it shows as "Transaction not found".

        My suggestion is: it would be nice if the receiver could have a
chance to pay the fee when the sender didn't pay any fee. For example,
I could pay a fee of 0.0001 BTC and receive 0.00121 BTC. In the end I'd
have 0.00111 BTC. Better than nothing.

        Would it be technically possible to do that or it would be too
much trouble to change the protocol to allow the receiver to pay an
optional fee?

        Ps: I'm not a programmer, but if the receiver could
optionally "attach" some fee to the transaction, even if he/she didn't
sent the transaction, this could be solved. Bitcoin-qt could even warn
the receiver he received a transaction without fee and if he wants 
faster confirmation he could pay a fee.

        Ps2: if this is a silly suggestion, just ignore it. I tried on
Bitcointalk, but nobody answered.

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