I hear you, and I really don't care that much what it's called, as much as, 
does it work and how!

> I might even try to enter in a "reusable" address in blockchain.info, which 
> won't work, and I'll just figure
> "must be some new unsupported thing" and move on with my life.

Regardless of what it's called, Blockchain.info should tell the user, hey this 
address doesn't let the whole world see every single payment that's made to it! 
If you paid something to this address, only you know how to find the payment - 
look for the stealth address in your transaction list. 

So if we call the address that has the pubKeys the "reusable address" and the 
address that's generated from the shared secret the "stealth address" then is 
everyone happy? :-)

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