[I sent this email 2 days ago prior my registration to the mailing list; please 
forgive me if this is a duplicate]

I would like to propose an extension to the Payment Protocol (bip-0070) to 
address the case of recurring payments in Bitcoin -- new bip or modification of 

There has been a lot of growth in the last few years in the 'subscription 
economy' with many new companies embracing that model -- online video, gaming, 
groceries, newspapers,... In parallel, Bitcoin is growing into a mainstream 
currency (hence bip-0070), and so the next logical step would be to define a 
protocol to address that need.

We have been working in the past few years on an open-source billing platform 
(http://kill-bill.org/), and recently came with a prototype to do recurring 
billing in Bitcoin (see 
http://thekillbillstory.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/bitcoin-plugin/ and 

The work flow would look similar to the one from bip-0070. There would need to 
be some additions; the flow could be summarized as follow:

0. Click: 'Subscribe Now'
1. Wallet would get  a RecurringPaymentRequestAuth which describes the nature 
of the future recurring payments
2. The Customer would get prompted from the wallet to authorize it.
3. The wallet would then poll the Merchant server (startup time, and/or well 
defined frequency) and potentially merchant would start issuing a 
PaymentRequest); the role of the wallet is to ensure that PaymentRequest is 
within the bounds of what was accepted by the customer-- amount, frequency,.. 
If it is, then it would make the Payment the same way it works for bip-0070

Is that something that the community would be interested in? We could provide 
more details about the protocol we have in mind (messages and flow), and also 
provide an implementation with bitcoinj as a wallet and Kill Bill as a merchant 

Le me know what you think.

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