The process described in BIP70 might be ok for a simple "happy path" 
scenario, but what if things don't work so smoothly. I'm not talking 
here about technical issues, but _very common_ business scenarios such as:

e.g. Merchant cancels request before payment is sent, such as when:-
- the merchant realizes that they charged the wrong amount
- the merchant realizes that they send the payment request to the wrong 

e.g. the Merchant or Customer decides to cancel the transaction after 
the payment request is sent because:-
- the customer decides to pay by some other mechanism like cash or 
- the customer doesn't have sufficient funds and decides not to purchase
- the customer changes their mind and decides not to purchase

It strikes me that a "Cancel Payment Request" message is required
and a "Reject Payment Request" may also be required (or maybe use the 
same message for both).

Tim Tuxworth

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