Thanks, Peter and you convinced me. I run away with a thought.

It’d be great to find a spot to deploy payment channels, but I agree this is 
not it.

Tamas Blummer

On 10.04.2014, at 12:40, Mike Hearn <> wrote:

> 1) There is no catch 22 as there are plenty of ways getting bitcoin without 
> bootstrapping a full node.
> I think I maybe wasn't clear. To spend coins you need transaction data. 
> Today, the dominant model is that people get that data by scanning the block 
> chain. If you can obtain the transaction data without doing that then, either:
> 1) Someone is doing chain scanning for free. See my point about "why pay if 
> you can get it for free".
> 2) You got your tx data direct from the person you who sent you the funds, 
> perhaps via the payment protocol. This would resolve the catch 22 by allowing 
> you to spend bitcoins without actually having talked to the P2P network 
> first, but we're a loooooong way from this world.
> And that's it. I don't think there are any other ways to get the tx data you 
> need. Either someone gives it to you in the act of spending, or someone else 
> gives it away for free, undermining the charge-for-the-p2p-network model.

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