Mainly because it is short, memorable, effectively leads the listener to infer 
the proper meaning, is culturally neutral, is easy to say by speakers of just 
about any language, and many other reasons. 


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> On Apr 20, 2014, at 12:23 PM, "Arne Brutschy" <> wrote:
> agree that overloading isn't an issue when necessary, but my point was
> that the necessity is lacking. If we're free to pick anything, why pick
> something that is overloaded?
> Moreover, "bit" is an abbreviation of bitcoin and might be confused with
> it. Most currencies use a work that is phonetically very different and
> short, so why not do the same?
> Pluk, or cred, or finney (as proposed the thread I posted), or
> whichever. We could call it "unsp" for unspent ;)
> Arne

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