I'd be very cautious of security implications of embedding files into
the payment request. Even file formats one would presume safe, such as
images, have had security issues (i.e.
https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/ms11-006 )

Longer term I was wondering about embedding the PaymentRequest into web
pages directly via the <object> tag, which could eliminate need for
BIP0072 and potentially improve user interface integration that way.
Obviously this would require browser plugins, however.


On 26/04/14 18:36, Mike Hearn wrote:
>> PaymentRequests are limited to 50,000 bytes. I can't think of a reason why
>> Payment messages would need to be any bigger than that. Submit a pull
>> request to the existing BIP.
> In future it might be nice to have images and things in the payment
> requests, to make UIs look prettier. But with the current version 50kb
> should be plenty indeed.

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