I had the pleasure to meet some of you in Amsterdam and/or to speak on
#bitcoin-dev but this is actually my first message to the mailing list - I
feel a bit clumsy so apologies in advance if I make any mistake :)

Quick introduction/background: my name is Lawrence Nahum and I'm the
founder of GreenAddress, a BIP32 multisignature service and instant
confirmation platform available in form of web socket APIs and Wallet for
mobile, desktop and web. My background is in CS with distributed systems
and I've worked most of my career in the City on OTC financial services
like confirmation and clearing platforms.

This post is to gather feedback, comments and reviews about a BIP70 payment
protocol proto buffer extension proposal.


If you are interested in GreenAddress design or for more information on
GreenAddress you can find the white paper here
and our homepage on https://greenaddress.it

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