On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 6:40 PM, Jorge Timón <jti...@monetize.io> wrote:
> I think he means that the wallet shouldn't be running as much as it is
> currently doing.
> But yes, I think you're right about wallets and GUIs not necessarily
> mapping 1:1.

I haven't been talking about the GUI at all in this entire
conversation. When I say wallet, I mean the wallet code. There are
very few reasons for running a wallet 24/7. One could be if you're
running an exchange that has to send and receive transactions all the

But that's an exception - in the usual merchant/end-user case you're
mostly receiving transactions and sometimes manually or batched-
sending them. No need to leave the wallet running, exposed to the
network outside those times.

How the wallet GUI (if any) relates to the wallet code is a completely
different topic, and a much less pressing matter. Anything from 'GUI
uses wallet as a library' (multibit, electrum, bitcoin core) to
elaborate client-server protocols (btcd, coinvault?) are acceptable
depending on the use case.


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