A fork is not necessarily required, if you are talking about information
that deals primarily with pre-consensus mempool behavior.  You can make a
"network TX" with some information that is digitally signed, yet discarded
before it reaches miners.

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 11:42 AM, Peter Todd <p...@petertodd.org> wrote:

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> On 6 August 2014 08:17:02 GMT-07:00, Christian Decker <
> decker.christ...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >+1 for the new field, overloading fields with new meaning is definitely
> >not
> >a good idea.
> To add a new field the best way to do it is create a new, parallel, tx
> format where fields are committed by merkle radix tree in an extensible and
> provable way. You'd then commit to that tree with a mandatory OP_RETURN
> output in the last txout, or with a new merkle root.
> Changing the tx format itself in a hard-fork is needlessly disruptive, and
> in this case, wastes opportunities for improvement.
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> cGV0ZUBwZXRlcnRvZGQub3JnPgAKCRAZnIM7qOfwhamzCAC+zRaXRodP63+ke3K+
> Viapiepvk4uIOlqxqtMB2O0zWcyu2+xCJDiRPykK/6HLDBeFDEC9/dGK8++Lovl6
> //qZ340LOPFlgT2kYy9E5h/yX469fhtsWhBCv2K47fWwkMS0S/0r4SQnCkbt2R2c
> 4dQjkoldhw6rNMBTUmwvhSlL30KsT/msWTZiX7DW/YjfOzezEJzy+mYyKp9Sk7ba
> 1fOiBXORk7mNOs7sTYTvje3sqEGpGTOLP08cY/RCEvl6bG8mHkPqwiojq+3biHFP
> RsoBVu1f5cbnU7Wq0gPNdVnQssnEQDadyTX8gT0Wze7PuVyaZT2mXFZBKzSHuLy2
> sJKN
> =oPSo

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