Hi all,

Before starting to implement a patch for a specific need, I would like
to be sure that it was not written already and available somewhere.
This list is probably my best chance.

I would like to add an optional parameter <block_heigh> to "-rescan",
from which the rescan would then start. When performing the wallet
rescan, everything before the block number <block_heigh> would be
Thus, it would do pretty much the same thing as the wallet birthday
mechanism (which relies on nTimeFirstKey), the difference being that
the point in time where to start would be *explicitly* given by the
user, at launch time, on the command line. Another possiblity is to
provide as parameter a time stamp instead of a block height; the
interesting part for me is that anyway that information is explicitly
provided by the user.



Jeremie Dubois-Lacoste, PhD.
Belgian Bitcoin Association, Director.
Université Libre de Bruxelles, Post-Doctoral Researcher.

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