On Thursday, December 04, 2014 8:02:17 PM Jeffrey Paul wrote:
> What is the use case for something like this?  It’s my impression that a
> single token that can be used to obtain many P2SH addresses paying to a
> multisig script looks something like
>    bitcoin:?r=https://payee.com/customer12345/recurring/paymentrequest/new

This requires the payee operate a server. My use case is for payment to 
individuals, who may or may not have a computer powered at the time of the 
transactions being sent. Furthermore, the users I am targeting (miners, to be 
specific), wish to remain entirely anonymous, and not hold accounts of any 

> The model that you describe where a payer can, without communication with
> the payee, generate additional multisig p2sh addresses based on a set of
> xpubs presumes that the payee would never want to e.g. cycle their own
> keys or change their cooperating multisig participants’ keys.  Is this
> wise?

This depends on the framework. As of present day, miners are limited to only 
use a single address ever, and cannot change it even to avoid address reuse. 
One goal is to solve that, without breaking multisig.


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