Dear All,

I've been trying to better understand the bitcoin in the last few months,
both in the mathematical as the programming point of view. I went through
part of the documentation, and I got curious to find ways to use their data
package to store some useful msg.

As most of you know, one of the freedom parts of the internet was
(temporary) knock out yesterday, the PirateBay, a "service" that was built
in open source and the freedom to share, so I start trying to design an
idea to allow us to create the future of p2p transference, using bitcoin as
a currency and data provider.

If you insert similar message that a torrent has inside of a bitcoin
portion (for example, in a satochi), you could not only "tip" the person
who would share the content (eventually, even the producer of it), but
also, make a public (but anonymous) request of a certain content.

By doing this micro transference, you would receive an entry to a content
torrent information.

What is your opinion about this? Would someone (with more pratice inside
bitcoin algorithms) be interested in developing some front end with me?

Hope that you like the idea, and share the vision of a open content world,
with fair return for the people who shares the data.

Best Regards,

Tiago Caldeira
bitcoin: 1BTdPcpLfpLVouDh32532SqCXibAjXoRqp
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