The Open Bitcoin Privacy Project is seeking public comment on our ratings
criteria for Bitcoin wallet privacy. Please provide your feedback within
the next week through Jan 23, 2015 to ensure that it will be considered for
version 1.0 of the document.

In conjunction with a scoring matrix that will determine the weight of each
sub-category, this criteria will be used to evaluate and score a variety of
Bitcoin wallets, which will be published on our website at

Feedback through this mailing list is, of course, welcome; if you have a
GitHub account, this is the preferred medium for proposing changes to the

The current version of the criteria was authored by myself, as well as
other OBPP members including Justus Ranvier (Monetas), Chris Pacia (Bitcoin
Authenticator), and Samuel Patterson (Open Bazaar).

Thank you in advance for your feedback,

Kristov Atlas
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